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The Earth’s Largest Selection and Variety of Yoga-centric Attire

Step into our store, and you are yoga heaven! In one place, one brick-n-mortar, you’ll find more brands of yoga-centric attire and accessories than any other store, anywhere! Whether you spend your days doing yoga, Barre, or even in the gym, we have you covered, both in the studio and coming and going with our inclusion of beautiful athleisure attire. This includes major brands as well as unique start-up and local companies who also share the vision of excellence in yoga and activewear, and athleisure clothing. And you’ll never experience the same store twice, with our ever changing lines, fashions and accessories. 

The Earth’s Largest Selection & Variety of Yoga Mats

Experience the only true yoga mat fitting and testing process in the business with the largest selection on earth to choose from, complete with our yoga-styled studio staging and changing room area, to provide the ultimate experience in custom fitting. It doesn't stop there, with the most comprehensive selection of yoga gear, and lifestyle accessories of jewelry, books, scents, bolsters, blocks, cleaners, towels, water bottles...Now close your eyes and imagine it! Even throw in our secret scent that our store has with a touch of eucalyptus, involve all your senses, even the 6th one!


What’s Behind The Name And Brand? “ballball”

ballball strives to touch the lives of everyone it reaches and to encompass all things, spanning from accomplished yoginis, dedicated yogis, aspirational yogis, non-yogis, athletes to dreamers, to even innate objects, all which can portray a picture in their own right of being. The shape of a ball is an immediate and universally recognized symbol for fun, play, activity, exercise, freedom, and yes, sex. Artistically and geometrically, it mimics the many forms and shapes of the human body, nature and mother earth. Do we stop there? It’s often associated with a touch of sophistication, non-threatening, peace, enviro/eco-friendly, strength, wisdom, restfulness, balance, yin-yang, sun and moon. Hmmm, sounds like yoga. And some would say, 2 balls are better than one ☺ Yippee Ki Yay with Namaste.