Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga

Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga

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"Utterly different... This is a wonderful (and inexpensive) book for people who are unhappy in their lives and are looking for a healthy way to find peace and a sense of coming home, day by day."
- USA Today

"More than just cultivating more vibrant health, yoga is an evolutionary journey. This book reflects the deepening and expansive effect of a dedicated yoga practice."
- Sifhar Jonathan Foust, President, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

"Rolf Gates is an inspiring teacher who has written an inspiring book. A must for yoga teachers and students alike, Meditations from the Mat brings yoga theory into the 21st century and into our daily lives."
- Baron Baptiste, author of Journey Into Power

"In this free-spirited journey to the heart of yoga, Rolf guides us, through daily meditations, to finding the appropriate balance between standing firm and surrendering to flow -- the key to peace of mind."
- Beryl Bender Birch, author of Power Yoga and Beyond Power Yoga

"Highly recommended…excellent gift to oneself. I keep one copy on my desk at work and one near my yoga mat."
– Deirdre Donahue, USA Today

“These meditations are a friend on the path to anyone who is in the soil of their life and cultivating liberating change through yoga. Rolf is a heartfelt, wise and inspiring companion for the yogic journey.”
– Shiva Rea, author of Yoga Sanctuary

"In this free-spirited journey of the heart Rolf guides us, through daily mediations, to finding the appropriate balance between standing firm and surrendering to flow—the key to peace of mind.”
– Berly Bender Birch, author of Power Yoga

"This book reflects the deepening and expansive effect of a dedicated yoga practice.”
– Sudhir Jonathan Foust, Former President, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

"Rolf really puts these age old yogic limbs into a language that really speaks to contemporary seekers and truly bares his soul (as they say "Warts and all") in sharing his deeply felt perspective on these different limbs. This book is a true gift to those who would love a very down to earth perspective on these timeless truths of yoga."
– Amazon Reader Review/Yoga Teacher

"This book Meditations From The Mat by Rolf Gates is a real treasure!"
– Amazon Reader Review

Daily Guidance For All: "Definitely one to own, and read everyday; whether a yoga instructor (as am I,) a beginner, one who practices religiously, or anyone looking for enlightenment on yogic principals, or just a more serene way to look at life, this book should have some words of wisdom for you. With quotes from the great minds, to everyday people, the short daily readings give you pause, while allowing you to relate your yoga practice more closely to your everyday life."
– Amazon Reader Review/Yoga Teacher

A Must Have Yoga Tool: "I was introduced to this book by my yoga teacher two years ago. It's an amazing book to guide you through your yoga journey. It's meant to be read in 365 days but there were times I would let it sit for a while. When I picked it up to read again it was always pertinent to where I was in my yoga practice and in my life. I highly recommend it for long time yoga practictioners and beginners too."
– Amazon Reader Review

Absolutely Stunning: "A moving and insightful daily meditation book with a clear description of the 8 limb path and insight into the yamas and niyamas. A must for anyone interested in a deeper experience of the true sense of yoga."
– Amazon Reader Review

"This is a wonderful book of instructive and encouraging daily meditations centered on the practice of yoga. Gates synthesizes his experiences as a yoga student and teacher, former army ranger, and recovering alcoholic, and explores the practice of yoga in a fresh, relevant manner perfect for American readers. Each day's reflection begins with a thought-provoking quote and then explores one intriguing aspect of yoga philosophy. Gates weaves stories of his own remarkable healing and growth with the yoga sutras of Patanjali, and provides illuminating and moving explanations of how yoga teachings apply to real-life situations. Gates succeeds in taking readers beyond the mat, and showing them how yoga works as a tool for transformation. Candid and engaging, Gates will inspire both readers currently practicing yoga and those who are thinking about it."
– Booklist